Geographic Information System 澳门太阳城app下载

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The GIS 澳门太阳城app下载 of the 社区 & Economic Development department develops and maintains Doña安娜县's Geographic Information System (GIS). The 澳门太阳城app下载 maintains over one hundred layers of information (databases), develops department-specific applications, 生成地图, and provides training and technical support to other County departments.

All of the 澳门太阳城app下载's digital data are available to the public for nominal reprographic fees. Some of the data available include street centerlines and names, ETZ分区, 县分区, and corporate boundaries. County maps are also available for a nominal reprographic fee. (Please note that this does not include the parcel base, which is available from the County 评估员's Office.)

The GIS 澳门太阳城app下载 also administers the Road/Street Naming and Addressing Ordinances which includes assigning physical addresses in the unincorporated portions of Doña安娜县. The Ordinances are currently being revised, and will be available online in the future.